Fleet Trailer Specs


At Star Leasing we take the quality of our equipment pretty seriously. We only work with the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure that our trailers will not only be long-lasting but also safe.

In addition, all of our newer dry and refrigerated trailers are equipped with GPS tracking.

Take a look at a few specs that are standard on most of our trailers:




  • Rockland hardwood floors – 1 3/8 inch 100 percent oak.
  • 101 to 1/4 inch panel-to-panel

In order to protect the panels, posts and plywood from forklift damage, all of our fleet trailers are equipped with scuff liners.

Scuff liner types include:

  • Galvanized steel floor scuff liner
  • Heavy -duty steel nose liner
  • Composite nose liner

Logistic Posts – Designed to increase superior side wall strength and provide multiple securement options.

E-Track – Engineered to allow versatility when it comes to securing cargo.

Made out of fully galvanized steel to prevent rust and protect floors from weather damage.

More durable than a steel threshold.



Star Leasing trailers have the following door options:

  • Composite swing doors
  • Composite roll doors

Fully galvanized rear frame and bolt-together bumper that is reinforced for dock-lock operation.

All parts are bolted to allow for easy maintenance and federal compliance.

This rear guard helps prevent under-ride of a midsize car.

The galvanized door frames are rust and deterioration-proof.

These anti-snag aluminum roofs are pre-bonded to roof bows prior to installation.

They are durable and protect against wear and tear.

LED Glo lights and dual-function LED lights for clearance/turn signals, as well as clearance/brake lights.

Lights are pop-riveted attached to prevent theft.



Options include:

  • Hendrickson air-ride suspension
  • Holland air-ride suspension

Our trailers are equipped with STEMCO’s Platinum Performance System™.

This tire inflation system keeps tires properly inflated, reducing weight up to 150 pounds per tandem axle trailer.

In addition, it reduces tire failures due to improper inflation.

All trailers have 295/75R x 22.5 tires

Smartway approved low rolling resistance tires

Our trailers are equipped with Holland landing gear with galvanized “K” bracing.

Fully-galvanized bolt-together landing leg that spans seven cross members for added support.

In addition, our trailers have a fully galvanized protection plate between the coupler and the landing leg section.