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Your staff most likely needs to be focused on your core business. Allow Star Leasing to assist with this by removing trailer maintenance and management from their “to-do” list.

When outsourcing fleet management services with Star Leasing, companies can reduce downtime, save capital, improve compliance, and increase overall efficiency. With over 46 years of trailer maintenance experience, no other company offers a more comprehensive, cost-effective in-house maintenance solution than Star Leasing—at your facility or any Star Leasing facility.

Our in-house maintenance options provide the flexibility and customization needed to help reduce downtime, save capital, improve compliance, and increase efficiency. StarCare maintenance is the most comprehensive, cost-effective maintenance solution available.

  • Improve Compliance

    We have a CSA/FHWA scheduling and management program to help you ensure compliance on D.OT. inspections.

  • Maintenance Budgeting

    Save in costs long-term with component lifecycle management, competitive labor rates and national parts accounts.

  • Fleet Analytics

    Access and manage maintenance data and analytics, FHWAs and registration documents through the online customer portal.

Trailer Maintenance


PM Plus Managed Maintenance

  • Customizable to allow programs that truly work for our customers’ unique businesses
  • Routine maintenance and annual PM inspection costs evenly distributed throughout the year for predictable maintenance expenses
  • Coverage extends Star trailers and non-Star trailers to maintain DOT compliance
  • Provides customers with data-driven maintenance and fleet lifecycle management
  • Star Leasing’s signature 55-point inspection—PM(s) per year including normal wear and tear repairs (on and/or off-site)
  • Evenly distributed cost

Custom Programs

Our PM Plus Managed Maintenance allows us to provide our clients with a fully-custom program that covers what their business truly needs.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Custom number of PMs
  • Maintenance Analytics
  • Vendor Management
  • Flexibility – Work can be done at Star Leasing shops, on the road or on your lot
  • Maintenance on both Star Leasing and non-Star Leasing equipment
  • Compliance due date notifications

55-Point Inspection

Star Leasing’s 55-point inspection is the industry’s most comprehensive, covering multiple aspects of the following sections:

  • Exterior Visual Inspection
  • Under Carriage and Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tires, Wheels and Hubs
  • Interior Inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Extended Interval Service


Prevent Breakdowns

Keep your equipment road-ready! Planned maintenance can help keep trailers safe and reliable, as well as minimize risks of over-the-road breakdowns.

Scheduled regular maintenance helps keep your equipment in a close-to-new condition longer.

Through our proactive PM/FHWA inspection programs, your equipment will be inspected, repaired and maintained in order to meet and surpass D.O.T. inspection requirements.

PM/FHWA cost can be billed and expensed over the course of a year to ensure budget continuity and increased trailer uptime.

In addition, we offer competitive pricing for both labor and parts.

Access maintenance data and analytics, as well as FHWAs and registration documents through our secure online customer portal. Reports include:

  • Maintenance spend by category to help you understand breakdown trends and better manage your repair budget
  • Over-the-road breakdown service report showing


Specs include:

  • Composite swing or roll-up doors
  • 295/75R x 22.5 tires (Smartway approved)
  • Tire inflation system
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Aluminum roof
  • GPS tracking

Equipment types:

  • 48′
  • 53′


Specs include:

  • Swing stainless aluminum outer doors
  • Thermo King SB-III 30 Max+
  • 295/75R x 22.5 tires (Smartway approved)
  • Tire inflation system available
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Heavy duty duct type floor
  • Heavy duty extruded 24” aluminum scuff
  • GPS tracking

Equipment types:

  • 48′
  • 53′

Specs include:

  • Hub-piloted disc wheels
  • PSI tire inflation
  • LED lighting
  • Radial Tires
  • GPS Tracking

Equipment types:

  • 40′ Gooseneck
  • 23.5′ Slider
  • 40’/45′ Combo Extendable
  • 20’/40′ Combo Tandem Spread-Axle
  • 20’/40′ Combo Tridem
  • 20’/40′ City Combo Tandem
  • 33′ Tridem (20′ container)
  • 53′ Gooseneck (53′ domestic container)
  • 43′ Tank Chassis (20′ ISO Tank)

Specs include:

  • Steel, Aluminum-Steel combo or Aluminum
  • Side and rear stake pockets
  • 12 sliding winches with 4” x 27′ straps
  • ABS brakes
  • Hutch H-9700T suspension
  • 1.31” Apitong floor

Equipment types:

  • 48′ x 102”
  • 53′ x 102”

Specs include:

  • Roll and swing doors
  • Water-tight
  • DOT compliant—Includes current FHWA inspection and license plate

Equipment types:

  • 45′
  • 48′
  • 53′