Your Answer To Stress-Free Over-The-Road Breakdowns

All carriers, whether they’re big or small, face similar challenges in the ever-evolving industry of transportation. A common challenge nowadays is to have a streamlined OTR trailer breakdown service solution with nationwide coverage. Especially considering unexpected trailer maintenance is inevitable, despite how well and often maintenance schedules and pre-trip checks are performed.

Trailer breakdowns are not only stressful for the drivers but also for the fleet managers, maintenance coordinators, and customers expecting shipments.

Getting loads to their destination on time, keeping drivers safe, and staring compliant are all stressors that can easily be resolved by outsourcing your over-the-road breakdown service. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Star Leasing as your preferred solution.

1. Why Star Leasing

When you outsource your over-the-road breakdown solution with Star Leasing, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Our team of industry experts manages emergency over-the-road breakdown solutions for your trailer, chassis, or flatbed—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each service request is handled with care and empathy by our team of experienced coordinators who dispatch service to your trailer regardless of where you are.

2. Our Footprint

You never know when your equipment could break down, and it could be anywhere from California to Maine. When you outsource your breakdown service with Star Leasing, you are covered no matter where you are—even in areas without a Star Leasing branch.

How do we do that? Our nationwide preferred vendor network. This pool of carefully chosen vendors consists of over 10,000 providers across the US. To join our network, providers are vetted, audited and managed to ensure you always get the best service at the best possible rates.

3. Our Technology

Call Center – In an effort to help over-the-road customers anytime and anywhere, our breakdown service is managed in a modern call center that is fully equipped to help drivers through emergency over-the-road breakdowns 24/7. The call center team is comprised of thoroughly trained coordinators that have been in the transportation industry for years. We are committed to providing you and your drivers with the best breakdown service solutions for your fleet.

4. Behind the Numbers

  • 11 Seconds – Average Call Queue Time
  • 2 Hours – Average Minor Breakdown Downtime
  • 200+ Years of Transportation Industry Experience

5. Customer Portal

Another perk of Star Leasing’s breakdown service is the ability to access all of your data through our new customer portal. With just a few clicks you can view and pay invoices, analyze reports, and manage your fleet.

Ready to upgrade your OTR trailer breakdown service solution? At Star Leasing we can help you keep your drivers up and running anytime, anywhere. Contact us today to get started.