Why Improving Driver Communication is Important

Time is Money! There’s one goal in mind when it comes to a driver with a broken-down trailer—a fast, efficient, well-communicated, and properly done repair. Time is money; the time a trailer spends getting repaired equals money going down the drain, whether it is due to paying for downtime or entirely missed loads. Lack of visibility and miscommunication can easily lead to poorly managed breakdown events. Streamlined processes in addition to tools that enable efficient communication and visibility can make a huge impact in minimizing downtime. Keep reading to learn more about how we are driving improved driver communications anytime, anywhere.

Our Breakdown Mobile App

If you’re looking for a way for drivers to quickly identify, communicate, and solve a breakdown issue, the Star Breakdown Service App is for you. Drivers can quickly download the app, upload photos of the failure, or click to highlight the issue on the trailer graphic presented on the screen. Drivers can even put in specifications such as trailer type, tire size, reference pictures, and more to ensure the vendor is well-equipped to handle any over-the-road breakdown event. Once completing the prompts, we will locate the driver using our precise GPS Location and send out either a preferred vendor or our own breakdown service team to get the driver and trailer back up and running as soon as possible. Drivers can see real-time updates through our event tracker, similar to a pizza tracker, and will get an estimated arrival time of the technician. The driver can also choose to share these updates with their fleet manager and the breakdown event details are automatically logged in our Customer Portal.

Customer Portal

The Fleet Dashboard section of our Customer Portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for you to request service, view breakdown events and work orders, track repair status, and get the most up-to-date information about your fleet. By having a Customer Portal account, you’ll have the ability to take control of all maintenance needs completely online. With our Portal, you gain the ability to view the location of GPS-equipped trailers, access maintenance records, as well as download FHWAs, PMs, and registrations at your fingertips. This truly gives fleet managers, customers, and drivers the capability to track every aspect of any repair without jumping through hoops to get assistance quickly. This avoids any possible miscommunication issues because there is complete visibility and transparency when using our Customer Portal.

Helping Hands 24/7/365

The SBS-division incident coordinators are available to you around the clock, 24/7/365. The average time it takes for an incident coordinator to pick up a request by phone is around 30 seconds, however, with tools such as the Breakdown Mobile App and the Customer Portal, we’ve made the service request process as easy as ordering your favorite pizza.

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