The Star Advantage


Star Leasing is the “One Solution” for all your semi-trailer and chassis needs, including but not limited to rental, leasing, in-house maintenance, telematics, purchase, and resale. For over 46 years, we have consistently provided our clients with service excellence, allowing them to focus on their core business with the confidence that we will do what we say we will do when we say we will do it.

At Star Leasing we offer premium equipment combined with customized in-house maintenance options, flexible rental and lease plans and administrative support; all in a cost-effective manner. We help the customer think differently about their business.

We are more than just an asset provider, we are uniquely qualified to impact our customers’ business by decreasing downtime, increasing driver retention and improving customer satisfaction.

Our strategy is to work with customers in close partnership to improve their business and make their lives better via the suite of semi-trailer products and services we’ve offered to the market for over 46 years.

Star Leasing is an employee-owned company. Our clients trust that our employee-owners are fully vested and committed to the success of our customers’ business and as such our company’s success. We only win when you win!