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Full Service Leasing Equipment & Programs Designed To Fit Your Needs


Comprehensive, Cost-effective Maintenance for your fleet than Star Leasing Company


Optimize Your Additional Trailer Needs With Our Rental Fleet

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Star Leasing Rental Advantages

Trailer Rental

No other trailer rental company devotes itself to the customer like Star Leasing Company. And after 40 years of quality service, customers have gained a lot of confidence in the way we do business. Star Leasing wins the respect of customers who appreciate the long-term values of a partnership and superior service. At Star Leasing Company the consultative quality of the relationship is held with the highest regard.

Single Rate Billing

Whether you select the weekly or monthly billing option, Star Leasing Company's rate always pro-rates down to the day! Many of our competitors' standard billing is 4-weeks with different rates if you keep the trailer less than a full month.

  • Ex: Your monthly rate from Star is $300 per month. You have the trailer 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days. Your bill from Star Leasing is $490.

  • Ex: Your rate from another trailer leasing company is $300 per billing period ( per 4 weeks ) $90 per week and $20 per day. For the same time period your bill is $625.

  • Your total savings with Star Leasing would be $166!

Advantages of Rental

  • Optimal for seasonal and peak periods
  • Re-align fleet imbalances
  • Substitute out-of-service equipment
  • Flexible rental terms
  • Protects against market uncertainty

Optimize Your Additional Trailer Needs
With Our Rental Fleet

  • Our Standard Rental Spec Will Exceed Expectations
    • Hardwood / Steel Scuff
    • Logistics Posts / E-Track
    • Steel Threshold Plate
    • Steel Nose Liner
    • Sliding Wenches and Straps
    • Swing / Roll doors

  • Over 13,000 Trailers
    • Composite & Aluminum Plate Vans
    • Plastic lined Maxi-cube 101” vans
    • Plywood and plastic lined Sheet & Post Vans
    • Vans w/ Air-Ride and Spring Suspension
    • 53' & 48' Refrigerated Trailers
    • 53' & 48' Cartage / Shuttle Trailers
    • 40', 45', 48' Storage Trailers
    • 48' & 53' Flatbed and Drop-Deck Trailers
    • Tandem sliders and spread axle flats

  • Substitute Trailers Available
    • If your trailer is down due to maintenance failure
    • If there is major damage and we do the work

Trailer Types

Click here to see our wide variety of Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Refrigerated Vans, Storage Vans, Cartage/Shuttle Vans and more.

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