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As your company's need for productivity and cost-effectiveness continues to increase, creativity becomes increasingly important in the management of your assets. Your semi trailer fleet is no exception and that's why Star Leasing Company continues to create semi trailer leasing solutions for the unique needs of our customers. Whether you need plate, storage or refrigerated trailers; Star Leasing can provide for all of your needs. Lease or rental, short-term or long-term, new or used, Star Leasing Company has the semi trailer you're looking for.

Financial Benefits of Semi Trailer Leasing

Click Here to see the many benefits of leasing a trailer with Star Leasing Company

Calendar Month Billing

When you lease trailers from Star Leasing Company you get billed per calendar month, twelve times per year. Many of our competitors' standard billing is per 4-weeks, which means you receive 13 invoices in one calendar year.

Standard & Custom Specifications Available

Decking Systems Liftgates Tie-down Systems
Custom Installed Decking Systems Rail lifts and Various Tuck away Liftgates Installed Various Tie-down Systems installed ( E-Track / D-Rings )

Purchase / Leaseback Programs

Fleet Trailers Long-Term Lease Current Fleet
Fleet Trailers you no longer want to own Long-term leases with competitors that have buyout options Current Fleet trailers owned by your customer

Custom Decaling Available

Here at Star Leasing we have the ability to put anything you can think of on your trailers, from custom designs, rolling billboards, company logos, and even company information. You dream it we can put it up. Here are a few examples of some of the Star Leasing Trailers on the road today!

Custom Decaling Custom Decaling
If you can envision it. We can get it designed and put it on your trailer.
Full Custom Designed rolling billboards

Custom Decaling Custom Decaling
Company logos
Driver recruitment and/or company information decals

Substitute Trailer Program

  • If your Star trailer is down too long for regular maintenance we will supply you a like substitute trailer.
  • If your trailer is down for repair due to damage, we will supply you a like substitute trailer as long as Star does the work.
    • In both cases, you only pay a small variable charge
      for standard maintenance
    • Trailer subs subject to availability by location

Trailer Types

Click here to see our wide variety of Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Refrigerated Vans, Storage Vans, Cartage/Shuttle Vans and more.

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