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Financial Benefits of Semi Trailer Leasing

Leasing Improves Cash Management - Conserves working capital and optimizes cash flow
- 100 % Financing
- Helps maintain a predictable, consistent operating budget
- Flexibility in rate, term and equipment type
- Fixed expense for semi trailer maintenance

Financial Reporting Advantages - Off balance sheet financing
- Tax Benefits of Leasing
- Leases are deductible
- Operating lease payments are fully deductible
- Flexibility in rate, term and equipment type
- Leasing voids the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

Leasing Improves Cash Management - No Down Payment
Purchasing equipment usually requires a down payment of 10% to 20%. Additionally, incidental costs associated with purchasing equipment such as trailer tracking hardware and additional trailer modifications can be included as part of the lease payment itself rather than being paid in advance with the down payment. Obviously, not tying up your cash in large down payments and incidental costs allows you to use it for more profitable purposes.

- Leasing is Convenient

Leasing from Star Leasing Company offers many convenient benefits not available through conventional forms of financing. Acquiring the use of an asset through a lease involves much less time and paperwork than purchasing the assets. Since Star Leasing Company retains ownership of the lease, we are responsible for all of the invoices and other paperwork associated with ownership.

- Improved Cash Forecasting

The fixed contractual nature of a lease eliminates any uncertainties regarding the future cost of the equipment. This enables you to prepare more accurate cash forecasts and plans. Many times, leasing allows you to upgrade and add new equipment without increasing your monthly rent.

- Leasing is a Less Restrictive Form of Financing

Most loans contain loan covenants (current ratio and debt-to-equity ration limits, a minimum times-interest-earned ratio level and certain other minimum measures of profitability), which are often confusing to compute and time consuming to track. A Star Leasing Company lease does not contain these covenants providing you with the ability to make unrestricted financial decisions.

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