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About Star Leasing Company

Star Leasing Company is the “One Solution” for all your semi-trailer needs. “One Solution” means rental, leasing, maintenance, sales, and finance. With over 40 years of experience in providing quality service, comprehensive, cost-effective maintenance programs, and Account Managers who use a consultative approach, customers have confidence in our ability to perform.

Our Commitment to Excellence

The strategy of Star Leasing Company is to offer the highest level of maintenance and operational support in a cost-effective manner - the “One Solution” for all your trailer needs. Star Leasing Company's focus is to be proactive in providing customer-oriented programs that outpace the competition.

Our Mission Statement

Star Leasing Company strives to exceed the expectations of our customers, vendors, and employee/owners by doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it.

Our Safety Pledge

“"We are committed to providing our Trailer Technicians with the proper training, tools and equipment to do all of your repairs safely and efficiently the 1st time!"

Steve Jackson, Chief Operating Officer
Star Leasing Company

Our Employee Owners

Star Leasing Company is 100% owned by its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Employee ownership helps us to recruit and retain top talent, and contributes to a positive team-oriented atmosphere. Employees realize that their efforts help to secure a bright future not only for the company but also for themselves and their teammates. We believe employee ownership promotes better service to our customers.

Our History

Star Leasing Company was founded in 1974 in Columbus, Ohio. Originally the company provided trailers to other trucking interests of its owner. Profitability of leasing, as well as requests by customers to lease trailers, persuaded the owner to focus on building Star Leasing Company. Beginning in 1987, they directed the company's energy to expanding the customer base and equipment. In 1988, the Employee Owned ESOP was formed. Close attention to the needs of many varied customers provided Star Leasing Company with the catalyst to begin its significant growth.

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